Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wall to Wall

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. Those boxes really do go as high as the ceiling, and if the lower foreground wasn't so chaotic right now, I'd have given you a long shot. Don't worry... that one should come tomorrow. I'm not spending all day lifting all those boxes in place and not sharing. Oh, did you think the workmen had done that? Not on your life, they didn't. That's all the work of Yours Truly. Just don't go trying it yourself if you don't know how to use a gym and free standing weights. Not that I didn't have anyone spotting for me, because I did. The real heavy ones are on the bottom though. I just wanted to make sure they all fit snugly in place, with no chance of toppling.

So... almost the end of day 2. Tomorrow I'll be continuing onwards with the rest of the boxes. I can't believe just how much stuff there was to pack away. I keep saying where did it all come from. But it's five years worth of my Manor Hall Soap Company, and right now I'm looking around and feeling rather proud of where I am.

Tomorrow is snow day here in Springfield. It's supposed to be really clouting us some. The workmen aren't showing up, but they've promised they'll be here first thing Thursday. I shall be in there with the camera, and you'll get a proper look at the start of their handiwork. But first, the snowstorm...


cHim-prints said...

Good grief! If you have to shovel snow tomorrow, in addition to all that lifting, you are going to be one sore soaper!

Manor Hall said...

I've been sleeping at night, that's for sure! We've got the snow. Looks like we got a good 6 inches overnight, and it's still falling. I love the stuff!