Monday, January 31, 2011

The Final Countdown

Well, after 21 days of stop-start-snow, stop-start-snow, I'm finally on the home stretch with the new workshop. I'm hoping to have the keys by the weekend. I'll be spending next week moving everything in there. Scheduled reopening date is Monday, February 14th. That's allowing plenty of time for snow days, of which we have two coming up immediately. Here's some photos I'd like to share with you. It's been a five year dream of mine and I'm feeling rather proud of it.

After a week interrupted with snow, the frameout finally received its drywall. This part of the new workshop is where my formulary area is going to be.

The ceiling is up, and a nice lick of paint is now on the walls. The formulary is beginning to look a bit more cheerful.

Here you can see the formulary really beginning to take shape. The cabinets are in, ready for the sink, and the freezer is in place, too. I can already see myself working here.

This is the far end of the workshop. It's a small opening at the moment, but there's a full sized door to be hung there yet. The alcove has been purpose built to house the curing shelves for the soap bars.

Here's the other side of the curing alcove. I'm hoping the wall with the sockets on is going to be the new computer station and my personal office space. It will be much easier than crashing Jason's techy space. Oh, and don't worry, the saw isn't staying there. :)

Snow permitting, the formulary is waiting for the next phase. Counter tops, double sink, tiling and overhead shelves. I'm looking forward to choosing the hardware for the cabinets. I'm thinking it's gonna be brushed steel.


L. Pursley said...

Good snowy morning! My favorite product is the Foaming Facial Cleanser. It is gentle, but effective. I keep one in my shower, too.

shezzie said...

oohhhh looking good...i barely recognise the place. really coming along nicely. very powsh indeed.

Manor Hall said...

Thank you, LP. I think your comment was intended for the giveaway post. I'll make sure it gets there.

Manor Hall said...

Hey, Shezzie! It does look good. It's on hold right now cos of the snow storm. Hopefully work will resume tomorrow. And yes... it looks very powsh indeed!

cHim-prints said...

This looks like a wonderful space to work! Or.. looks like it will be a wonderful space to work. Can't wait to see the final photos... sans saw!

Manor Hall said...

Thank you, cHim. I does feel great to see how it's developing. This last leg is a killer though. I just want to get back in there with my pans. I'm having soapmaker's withdrawl, I swear!