Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Second Lap

I've been working this morning on finalizing the big giveaway I'm gonna be running here at the Manor. I'm planning on making it easy for everyone to take part, regardless of their social media preference. I'll be making the official announcement later. And with what I have in front of me, I think we might have a great weekend in the making.

So, there's ten minutes to go before Day 6 gets underway. Here's hoping the frame out will be completed before work stops for the day. It's a shorter day for the guys today. It is a Saturday after all. And it's a Holiday weekend too. They could have so easily ducked out of it, had they wanted too. I shall make sure to keep them plied with refreshments.

8.50am - Maybe this should really be amber cos I'm kinda on standby, really. Okay... 10 minutes to green.

9.10am - Okay... so we're still red. Maybe I'm a bit more patient this morning, what with Saturday morning traffic an all. Hmm.

9.20am - Just keep your head in the giveaway, Susan. Time is not important right now.

9.35am - WE ARE GREEN!!!

9.51am - Now I am truly in love. The guys asked for music. Like... men after my own heart, or what? The "Music To Soap By" compilation is blaring out, and this place is rocking! Guess the guys love percussion too.

11.00am - I've just halted the guys for some food and coffee. Gotta keep them fed. It's a Holiday weekend here in Massachusetts, and they could very well have spent today doing something else!

11.20am - Work is underway again, and the sound from the machinery is sweet music to my ears. Think we got a couple of pics too.

2.30pm - I thought the guys would be packed up by now. They said today would be a shorter day, and I was thinking okay... well maybe that's around 1.00pm. I can't believe we're still on green!

6.17pm Frame out completed. The guys worked to get it finished, making tomorrow an off day. It's well deserved, I'd say. Y'know... it feels great to be on red! The electrician arrives Monday, all being well.

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