Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lining Up

We're all lined up for Day 11. Oh, my word... I've just had to check on that. Is it really Day 11? Where have they gone to at all. There's supposed to be seven in one full week! One minute I'm announcing the workshop reno, and the next thing I know we're on Day 11.

Since Saturday, the frame out has been completed. The electrician has done his part, and the plumber came out to get my new sink and formulary area set up in readiness for the next phase. Which is... happening today! We lost two days because of the snow and ice. Today is clear of that, but we have another storm coming in after midnight tonight. I'm trying to hover just a little bit higher than feeling optimistic, but not quite as high as happy chappie.

This morning began early with the delivery of big packages of insulation. Forty minutes ago the delivery of dry wall arrived. We just need to guys to turn up now, and we have the three card trick. They said 9.00am. It's onto the live blogging. Let's see what today brings...

8.45am - Here's hoping we won't be on red for long. I'm looking at the materials that are laying in wait. "Get into position on that framing!", I keep telling the drywall. I so wish we spoke the same language.

9.05am - What is this? We are on green, that's what it is. WE ARE GREEN!!!

9.30am - Insulation rolls have all been carried in to the workshop. Yay! And I've plied the guys with some coffee. I want today to go so well. I'm hoping a shot of caffeine or six will fire them up!

11.08am - The insulation is in place, I think. Haven't a clue what they're doing now. I can hear noise of hammering, and a little whirring every so often. I think they may be driving many screws home. Drywall hasn't been carried in yet. Their radio has been turned lower. Dunno whether that's good or bad. But we are still green. And that's gotta be good!

12.25pm - I've just put a phone call in to The Barbara. Bless her beautiful heart. She is dropping everything and making the 3 hour drive to help with the clean up. My little wonder woman is gold! We're also aiming to load all my recipes and ingredients into a new database. Yes, she's rather handy with the techy stuff too! If you're new to The Barbara, you can meet her here.

12.53pm - Drywall being hung, and the guys haven't stopped for lunch yet. I think they mean business today. Maybe the coffee is working! ;)

3.45pm - And on to red. Deservedly so, I say. Apart from coffee, the guys worked through all day. I'm sure they must have had butties (sandwiches) in their little bags, but if they did they must have eaten them on the wing. 3 walls are done, and they're back tomorrow for the rest. 9.00am they said. And we're on a winter storm warning from midnight onwards. Ohhh, I am so saying my prayers this evening!

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