Sunday, January 9, 2011

Renovation Eve

Our office is currently closed for the month of January for workshop renovations. We will not be taking orders during this time. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and the blog for updates, and exclusive news on special contests and giveaways. Thank you!
The last of the order boxes have been packed and shipping notices have been sent out. The "buy me" buttons on the web site are now disabled and a notice of the workshop renovation appears on the home page.

We've made a start on dismantling shelves and emptying the workshop. It will soon be 8:30pm and what started as lots of excitement a couple of hours ago has now turned rather wistful as I see my work for the last five years being packed away.

It's only for a few weeks, though. The end of the month isn't that far away. We're still on our feet here with another couple of hours to go on the workshop. Tomorrow will be marked on the blog as "Day 1". I'll see you then!

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