Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Go Day

It's the end of Day 3, and today was a snow day. We got dumped on here, and then some. Only I could pit the first days of a workshop renovation against what's being called as the biggest blizzard to hit Massachusetts since 1978. The whiteout has been so bad that cars were actually driving down the wrong way of the Mass Turnpike. Like... get outta here!

The snow plows are still at it all around the city. I heard earlier that the schools are gonna be closed again tomorrow. The roads are pretty slick to say the least, and I also heard earlier from the contractor. The workmen won't be working tomorrow either.

I'll be working though. I'll continue with the TidyFest, and organization of the office the way I have been doing since the workshop was cleared out. I might even find time to sit and dream about my new formulary space. I was choosing the cupboards and counter-tops last night. I wish I could say what I'd done today was but a dream. Unfortunately it wasn't a dream, and I leave you with a pic of today's workload.

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