Thursday, January 6, 2011

Music To Soap By - Sugarland

Well, seems like last month's good fortune has spilled over into the new year. I got some news yesterday about something pretty big. Let me say first that it's not the same kind of something big that I experienced last month with the WholeFoods excitement. This is more of a personal pretty big. A longing I've had for five years. Something that I've actively worked towards for the last two. It's a something for my Manor Hall, and as I sat here facing Jason's major surgery a year ago, it was something that wasn't planned to be happening just yet.

Sometimes, life puts you in the right place at the right time. You're not sure whether to take the opportunity that's just come your way or not. And as is often, you just don't get too long to make your decision because of the expiry date life has put on it.

Hmm... yesterday I had to make a decision. Even great opportunities aren't without their dilemmas. First it was like... OMG... you're kidding me... that's brilliant! Then came the time sensitive qualifier. Oh, thank you very much for that.... you gotta be joking, right? Then it's onto the proverbial headache as you realise that the time and place makes it darned near impossible, yet you also see what turning down such an opportunity would mean.

I've been up most of the night. I'm like that when there's stuff on my mind. More so with big decisions. I don't fuss and fret or anything like that. It's more a case of needing to make use of every minute available for the focus required. I have to double the certainty that I'm complete in my resolve. I don't cry over spilt milk, you see. I invariably spend an absolute age when making decisions that might be life challenging, or life altering. This decision is both.

I'm never in a rush to rock my life's little boat. And I won't be pushed to hurry either. In fact, when I'm pushed my alarm bells ring like crazy and I distance myself even further from the situation on deck to gain a proper view from the crow's nest. But once I've decided which ocean I'm sailing, I wait for the right tide and set sail on it. It's always a full steam ahead, with never any room for watching the shoreline disappear. I'm neither impatient, nor blinkered. Eyes wide open for the challenge, I embrace the waters ahead whatever weather I may encounter.

So... I've had all night long to go over the decision I made late yesterday. It's now 8.10am. Far from being tired, I am wide awake and feel like I could go out for a morning run. I'm not doing though. The opportunity I've decided to take begins on January 10th, and I've a phone call to make at 9.30am. I'm making the call to give the go-ahead on something I've dreamed of for five years. A few days ago, it never entered my head that such a dream would be in my lap this next coming week. I'll be making the announcement soon, so stay tuned. To say I'm pretty up for this, is an understatement.

And with that comes today's Music To Soap By. It's already blaring outta the workshop on loop. Sing it loud with me, won't you?

Sugarland, 2004 - Baby Girl


cHim-prints said...

I'm on the edge of my seat!

Manor Hall said...

It's been killing me keeping it to myself. I just wanna shout it from the rooftops. I didn't think it could be done. But it can... and I'm doing it. Oooh, more intrigue. I should be making the post tomorrow, all being well.