Friday, January 14, 2011

It's All Go

Okay... half an hour before the workmen are due to arrive, and I've been watching the clock since 6.15am. It's killing me! I'm gonna try something today that I've often seen, but never done. I am gonna do some live blogging. Well, "live" in the sense that I'm gonna keep updating this post as the day progresses. I have excitement like I've not had for years. It's running through me like I'm on a roller coaster. My poor heart keeps welling up to my throat when I think about it.

It's happening today. I'm looking at the empty workshop, its eerie echoes, and... I am in awe! So keep checking in, and come along with me for all the ups and the downs of the roller coaster ride that is my workshop renovation.

8.30am - Heart racing. I've been outside half a dozen times already, in the hope that I may see the first truck or car to arrive. Can't stay away from the windows.

8.50am - They're not here yet. Drumming fingers.

9.05am - The kettle's on for a cuppa. I am pacing the workshop floor. No, they haven't arrived yet.

9.20am - Sitting on a wooden chair in an empty workshop, cuppa tea between my hands. They said 9.00am!!!

9.30am - There's a reason these posts are in red. Green means go. Not that you would know it right now.

9.50am - Yup. Still in red. If you're wondering how it feels on my happy scale right now, lemme tell you: "What happy scale???"

10.20am - You know what? Handsome only cuts it so far. Needless to say that was a short crush I had. Nope... they still ain't here. Let's see how they feel about the song that's gonna be blaring out on repeat all day. Guess someone shouldda told them about what kinda gal I am.

10.45am - WE ARE GREEN!!!

12.10pm - Okay... get the happy scale back out. The guys are here! All the wood for the framing out has arrived, been unloaded, and is now sitting on the workshop floor. I'm surprised at how neatly it's all been stacked.

12.34pm - Oooh, didn't like that noise. Sounds like some machine they got hammering at the concrete. Nope... I'm not feeling that groove at all.

12.41pm - Guess the guys didn't care for that groove either. They just nipped out to get the right size metal pin thingies for the cleats. Still figuring out if I heard that right, but they were using some noisy tool and it was shooting something small when it should be bigger. We're now on red!

1.04pm - Yes... they are back and we have noise! A bit of hammering. A bit of sawing. Y'know... I think they're taking on that handsome appeal again.

3.07pm - Just popped my head into the workshop. OMG... they've framed one wall, framed out the utilities area, and they've gotten the footings done for the boiler room? Yes... I'm loving these guys right now!

4.32pm - The guys haven't stopped since we were last on red. I mean, come on... 3 cheers and all that! Dunno yet what time they're working till, and I can't wait to take another peek. I'm resisting that urge though. I don't want to bring their attention to the time.

6.39pm - Work has now stopped for the day, and I am one happy chappie! The guys have been gold. It's looking good in there. They're back tomorrow morning for a shorter stint to complete the framing out. They said 9.00am, and I'll be live blogging again tomorrow with a new post. So, see you at 9.00am then. Hopefully we will be green!

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