Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Morning After The Day Before

Okay... Day 1 down, and 20 to go.

I had fully expected to blog last night at the end of the day. We didn't finish until turned 10.00pm though, and all I could think about by then was bath and bed. I was so aching. But I'm an exercise junkie, and in that strange way that only exercise junkies can understand, it felt so good to be sore.

The workshop is all but emptied now, with maybe only a few hours more to spend in there. The office is upside down though, and it's driving me daft. I tried to keep everything organized as the stuff was carried around, but by late afternoon anything boxed up was just carried out and dumped in here.

So that's my job for this morning set out. The workmen can't be expected to navigate a snake pass to get to where they want to go with their huge 8x4 dry wall sheets. Day 2 is gonna be demanding, but I'm up for it!

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