Thursday, January 13, 2011

Under Starter's Orders

I finished work today a little earlier than I have all week. Consider the office tidy! To be honest, I don't think I've got much more lifting in me, so I'm not sorry to see the back of that chore. I couldn't have lived with it in a mess though, even if it isn't open. Okay... a couple of days, maybe. But no way was I gonna slalom between the chaos of dismantled shelves and packing boxes for two to three weeks.

So, it's the end of Day 4, and I've waited until now to make my post. I've been feeling a little skittish about tomorrow morning, and whether this renovation is ever gonna begin. Of course, it's gonna begin. It was only delayed because of the snow storm and though I've dreaded a phone call, none has come.

Work begins tomorrow morning. It's a few days later than I'd have liked... but I've got a great crew in the workmen and I know they'll make up for time lost. I'll see you tomorrow.

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