Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh, Hurry Up Already

Only five days remaining. This is what you call really gathering speed. Oh, how to convey how I feel?

It's like... waiting for Santa when you're five years old. It's like... getting parental permission to have your best friend along on the family vacation. It's like... that first kiss. It's like... acceptance to the college you prayed for. It's like... catching the bouquet. It's like... the bended knee proposal you thought would never come. It's like... the birth of your first child. Heck... it's like the birth of your first grandchild! All. Rolled. Together.

Just to give you the heads up - as if you need it. Work on the website will be happening over this coming weekend. Jason will be disabling the buy me button on Friday to avoid confusion for those who may arrive at the website via a bookmark or search engine link.

It's gonna be a great weekend here for me. I dunno about you, but... I am officially giddy with it all.

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