Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Four Musketeers

Meet the boardroom table. I've spent more time around it this last seven days than I have around any table in my whole seven years of soap making. Morning, afternoon, early evening... and late night. Some days, sleep has been so short that I've considered throwing a nice fluffy pillow onto it and kipping there for the night.

I currently have four projects on the go and I'm at the helm of each and every one of them. All of them are big and will complete the journey to take Manor Hall Soap into the next chapter. All will be reaching conclusion before the last day of July. I thought I'd share a little of life as it is behind the scenes right now for me, so here are my four musketeers:

Project Splash.
Project Storm.
Project Slice.
Project Cheese.

Yes... even round the boardroom table I can't resist being myself in keeping things light and fun where possible. Project Splash is the new website launch, and if you've seen "The Journey" video through to the final frames, you'll know why it has that name. With only 8 days remaining, the heat is on in bringing everything together for a smooth July 18th launch.

At 10.30 this morning, I'll be round the table again checking up on some final details, chasing up on errant details, and bringing into play a few new details which are only just becoming relevant across the four projects as this new week approaches. As for Project Storm and Project Slice? Well, there goes that tease mode of mine again. But with only three more weeks of July left to go, it's not gonna be too long before you'll be finding out.

Oh, and Project Cheese? Don't take the name too seriously... I am not gonna be making Stilton - or selling it! ;)


Donna Maria @ Indie Business said...

If you made cheese, I'd buy it. Love what you are doing. So fun and personal. Can it get any better? Ah, yes, of course it will, with the re-launch of your website. Pretty darn awesome!

Janice said...

You sound like a busy bee! Good for you! I hope everything goes smoothly!!
Good luck! :)

Manor Hall said...

Donna Maria: I am so gonna sleep like a baby come the evening of Tuesday 19th.

Janice: Yes... it's all go here behind the scenes. Thanks so much for the good luck wishes. I'm sure there's gonna be times this next week when we'll be glad of them!