Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Avoiding Burnout

I've been so headlong into 18 hour days this past three weeks that I'm fast approaching burnout. I'm tired... my skin is breaking out... I'm eating on the wing... and a whole host of other things that are just not good for anyone's general health or personal well-being.

Jason to the rescue! He suggested I start a Manor Hall garden and enjoy time outdoors, where I get to have some separation from work and play while still being Mrs Manor Hall. You know what? He sure knows me inside and out. There's no way I would sit on the sofa and take time out, or be cajoled into chilling with a hobby.

It's been years since I last enjoyed any kind of gardening. All Ive been doing is living and breathing soap and letting Jason whizz over the gardens at breakneck speed with the lawnmower. I'm already relishing the thought of beautiful lavender plants... herbs... and flower after flower after flower!!!

So, meet the first project in the Manor Hall garden. It's the neglected area under my huge acorn tree. It's been left to just grow as it wants to, season after season for a good few years. That's gonna change. I'm planning on creating a peaceful place, where the wildlife can bring me much joy again. All in the name of Manor Hall of course. I mean... I can't be caught slacking now, can I?

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