Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nunzio of Your Business

On Tuesday, I filled you in about Alfonso Santaniello, the first of two very special guests that will be appearing with me this Saturday July 30th at the Boston Indie Summer Sizzle.

The other guest I wanted to talk about is Nunzio Bruno, the man behind Financially Digital (not just another financial and tech blog) out of the Greater Springfield Area. In addition to his ultra-informative blog, and his duties as professor of economics at Bay Path College, Nunzio Bruno is a financial coach. I will let him describe what he can do for you in his own words:
I take my education and experience and coach those who need that little extra push. Not just your everyday budgets and expense charts, each experience is a dynamic one and focused on making lifestyle changes. How many times have you heard about people crash dieting only to see them eating terribly again after they lose a few pounds, that’s not what happens here. Whether you’re looking to get a second opinion on that portfolio that used to make sense or someone to hold your hand while you’re considering life changing purchases or plans, we take the time to evaluate the situation and create real strategies to get you there. Over the last few years I have successfully put the worries of retirees to rest and started fresh college graduates on paths to financial freedom. It’s not a chore, it’s a lifestyle.
If you'd like to learn more about the valuable help Nunzio offers (including Business Coaching and Sales Coaching), check out his other offerings on his consulting page.

On top of all this, Nunzio has just launched a show called Uconomy over on the Businews Channel, where he and co-host Thomas J. Fox dispense everyday economic advice in easily digestible bite sized morsels for us regular non-economic folk to understand.

I'm thrilled that Nunzio will be at the Summer Sizzle in person to conduct a workshop on creating a Business Plan. Okay, so nobody likes doing them, but they keep your business on track, banks and investors generally require them for loans, and there is a right and a wrong way to do them. Nunzio is going to be there to talk about how to do them right.

So won't you join me, Nunzio and Alfonso at Maggiano's Restaurant in Boston on Saturday? The registration details are here. It's going to be a fantastic time and I really can't wait to meet you there!

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