Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No Place Like Home

Yes... the launch day happened. Seven months in the making, a project followed to the letter, and a very successful conclusion.

It's hard getting a make-over. And just like the makeovers you do on any room in your house, you end up with a different look... yet the house you happily moved into once upon a time, is still the same house. Solid foundations, a sturdy roof, and a welcoming front door.

I do hope you enjoy exploring the new website. It still has the solid foundations, the sturdy roof, and the welcoming front door that has always been my Manor Hall. Please, step inside and make yourself at home. I'll just put the kettle on for you...


Mary Humphrey said...

Congrats on your beautiful new website. I am happy for you, for Manor Hall!

Nitya said...

Congratulations on the new website!! You have been awarded the Versatile blogger award :)