Saturday, October 23, 2010

On the Way

It's the weekend again, and Jason's jumped into the techy seat while I go pour, label and shrink wrap.

He's been working behind the scenes on the website for six weeks now. We have a few new pages ready to unveil. There are also new products all set to go live from the weekend onwards, and a few new gift sets for those who like gift giving.

New bottles, labels and a kicked up formula for the organic body wash have already been completed and the page is live. The first photo is already there, and the rest will follow soon. You'll also find some of the signature scents are expanding to include bath and body collections. Ruby Moon is now available to buy in the organic body wash.

New Art House soaps are curing as I prepare for the festive launch, and out of stock soaps to cure for the new month are:

Sweet Neem
Spearmint Grapefruit
Hardy Har Harvest
Choccy Orange Kerfuffle

All orders from this week's newsletter should be out of the door by Monday. I crave the return of mom-in-law, Barbara. It's amazing the difference an extra pair of hands makes. It's also a bit of a sad act when I'm singing and silly-dancing to the seventies stuff on my own.

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