Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back to Normal

Yes, Columbus Day weekend is over... the office is open, and it's all back to normal now after my family break. Yesterday the the invoices were all printed off, and today I have been packing.

I'm still packing, and the first shipping emails will be going out in the next 24 hours. Obviously those who have waited the longest will be shipping first. I will be working all through the weekend though, so every order with the CANTWAIT coupon code will be packed and out of here by Monday morning.

The October newsletter is set for next Monday evening, and it's gonna be a good one. If you want to be in on the deals, you can sign up here to make sure you don't miss out. Thank you, and I hope your Holiday weekend was a great one!

1 comment:

Anne-Marie said...

I hope you had fun on your family break =) It's important to take time to recharge batteries and focus on what really matters: family =)