Monday, October 25, 2010

Gimme Some Sugar

Every year, it's the same. All through the summer I fuss and fret over my sugar scrubs. Then the winter comes and I fuss and fret some more. The problem for me is that the sugar scrubs are made from oils that are liquid at room temperature, and these oils can occasionally slip out from under the lids. All it takes is one teeny microscopic oil droplet on the rim of the jars before they are sealed, and with any jostling, it's "Hey lads... we are so outta here!" Order boxes travel in the back of the postal trucks... jostle jostle... and it can be leaky jar time if I'm not careful.

Winter's on its way and in the colder weather, the sugar scrubs give me a different headache. The oils are often cooled through traveling, making it a chore to try and mix when they arrive. Okay, most folk know all about sugar scrubs, and how the oil sinks, and that a quick stir around is all that's needed. Some love this part of the scrubs... while for others, it's a chore.

Little Miss Fuss and Fret will no longer be my name from now on. The sugar scrubs have been revised, and are now creamed nicely with coconut oil. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, and helps to bind the liquid oils, while yielding a lovely creamy consistency. Coconut oil is also absolutely wonderful for the skin.

So what's not to love? New travel friendlier sugar scrubs are on the website now available to buy. You get a delightfully creamy spa product, and I get to sleep at night. I'd say it's a win win all round.


Anne-Marie said...

Travel friendlier? Funny. =) Love it. I'm a sugar scrub freak right now. I've using a scrub daily in my shower so I'll definitely head to your site to see your new formulas.

weather said...

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Manor Hall said...

I'm an addict for sugar in the shower, Anne Marie. But I also love a bath. Not that a bath stops me enjoying my sugar. In fact, I enjoy it a different way. I spoon it into the water. Ohhh... it's moisturizing bliss!

Manor Hall said...

@weather: Thanks for stopping by. Not sure if you love sugar scrubs or not, but seeing that your website isn't one of those iffy ones, I'll embrace your spam. Can I request a sunny day please?

ian said...

Thanks for the great post, i continue to learn from your advice!