Sunday, May 2, 2010

Welcome to my Wonderland

I'm late with the website changeover. I'm late with my new soaps. I'm late with my staple soaps. I'm late with the new labels. I'm late with my more recent reviews. I'm late with new product write ups. I'm playing catch up in almost every direction that I turn.

I'm late with my hair. I'm late with my own pedicure. I'm late with my fave television shows. I'm late with my morning sleep ins. I'm late with my own exfoliating. I'm late with my eyebrows.

I'm late with my blog posting.

The words "clock", "rabbit hole," and "house of cards" spring to mind. So, to get off this 2 month Alice in Wonderland treadmill I've been on since Jason's recovery from surgery , I have spent today whittling down a long list of things that need catching up on. Armed with said list, I'm holding back the newsletter until next Monday evening while I spend this next week making more soap, filling more bottles, potting up jars, wrapping soaps, and penning new product write ups.

And being the taskmaster that I am, I've written Jason a shortlist of priorities too. Hopefully he will have the website updated tomorrow night, and new labels for my new soaps completed in time for the newsletter.

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