Saturday, May 22, 2010

Look Ma No Hands

Up with the larks I was this morning. Crack of dawn, opening the workshop to turn out the soap from the molds. I had a good day yesterday. I love soaping. I love it best when I'm on a soapfest. Back to back batches, and a wonderful bounty day after day after day. It might sound daft, but for me... there's no finer feeling in all of my work. Okay... maybe when I get an email from one of you telling me how you like the soap I've made. Yes... that's a mighty fine feeling. And many days it lifts me, especially when I get to face the clean up at the end of the day.

I'm now trying to get ahead with things. How crazy is that? For the last few weeks I've been playing catch up. But with a plane from England due in a couple of weeks, I need to be able to forget soaping for the time my visitors are here. So, although this next two weeks is normally my annual break, I'm happily working through it so I can have some good family time with my son when he arrives.

He plays piano, and he's a gifted man. I know... all mother's say things like that about their children. But, he plays by ear. He's one of those rare folk, who can play whatever you ask. Stick on a song he's never heard, and he'll be playing it before the chorus has really kicked in. And I don't mean plinking the tune.

For the two weeks he is here, my house will be filled with music. It's a wonderful feeling. It truly is. My heart will be so full, each and every day. Those hands above are going to bring me so much joy. I am so proud of him. I feel so blessed.

The title of today's post is one of my favorites. It's by Elton John. It can be found here on YouTube.

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