Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Be Right Back

Well, that was a short list of priorities. I worked last night until 1:30am. Got up this morning, and after the doctor's visit, I came back and I've just finished now. It's 7:15 and for those of you who are eagerly waiting to hear what I decided from last night's post, here's the notice from the front page of the web site...

"The office is currently closed for annual inventory/break until Wednesday June 16th. We will not be taking orders during this time. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive a special coupon when we reopen. All current orders have shipped. Thank you."

I'll still be blogging because I'm doing inventory, etc., but this next few weeks is going to be good.


cHim-prints said...

Wow... I am so glad that I didn't procrastinate with my order! :>)

Have fun with your family and enjoy the time off!

Manor Hall said...

Thank you! Enjoy your order!