Saturday, July 24, 2010

On the Way

I've been playing with cocoa butter this last few months. I love playing with new ingredients. I know... cocoa butter isn't new. I do use cocoa butter in a few recipes, but I've never really used it in a starring role.

Cocoa butter, is one of the harder butters. It's the creamy colored fat that is extracted from the from the cocoa seeds, or beans, as they are more commonly known. I'd describe it as a brittle butter, certainly when compared to the lovely creamy consistency that shea butter is. Cocoa butter still melts into the skin, but it keeps its form longer than a softer butter. When used with softer butters and oils it helps keep the end product firmer, depending on the percentage used in the recipe.

I has a wonderful natural scent, is readily absorbed, and has some amazing effects on the skin. I've been test running it on family and friends through the spring and summer in a body butter, and also in something a little firmer and little unique that is really bringing in some good results from my testers.

Cocoa butter products will be coming for the fall. It'll be the just the right time for that after-summer thirst your skin craves. Watch this space!

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