Friday, July 30, 2010

Doctor No..!!!

Yesterday afternoon, I took time out for my well woman medical. I'd done the bloods and urine last week. I'm not exactly "young" anymore, and I believe in trying to be pro-active about these kinda things.

Ears, nose, throat, bosoms, tummy, lungs, reflexes, women's bits, heart, ECG, and even a scratchy tickly thing up the sole of my foot that made my toes scrunch. I got the all clear. I'm in great health so far. Mammogram and Colonoscopy to follow. (Hmm... that last one just made me shift in this seat some!)

Then came the bloodwork results. Kidney stones seem to be okay now. Liver fine and dandy. But hang on... what's this? My cholesterol is borderline. You're kidding me, right? Like... whaddya mean I have to cut down on cream cakes, cheese, and butter??? And no... dear Lord, no... NOT MY CHOCOLATE TOO!!!

I love my cakies. I love my European chocolate. I love my cheese, and as the English say... my best butter too. It's not like I'm even overweight. I do know better though, and I am so cross with myself. Wanna see how fast I can get my cholesterol to a happier place? The fridge has been emptied, and the supermarket shelves have been raided for more sensible eating. My weights are dusted off, the new bicycle is being bought this weekend, and I'm in the swimming pool from Monday for what will be a regular mile long swim.

Dunno about you, but I don't mess about. I have a grandchild I need to be seeing grow up. A beautiful baby girl, just turned 1 year old. Is it time for your well woman check up?

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