Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coffee Break

So... I'm sitting here with my cuppa (2 Tetley tea bags, bit of milk, no sugar please), and I'm feeling good as noon approaches. I'm onto the last run of packing with the birthday week order boxes today. I should have all of them out the door and into the USPS mail truck by Friday. Yay!

You know what? I'm gonna do these little Pampering Packs again - and soon. They are so beautifully cute, I just wanna keep them all for myself! It suddenly struck me this morning as I'm popping them into every order box, that I can theme them in many different ways. Like... pedicure, manicure, bath&shower, exfoliating etc. My head is full of it right now. Mom-in-law Barbara, arrives in a week. We are so gonna brainstorm about it.

And did I mention that August is "that time of year again"? That'll be sure to please the Maniacs among you. And if that puzzles you... then you'll just have to wait until the website changeover this weekend. Oh, yes! It's the newsletter on Monday night. Get those shopping carts to the ready. I promise... you're gonna be mad 4 it.

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