Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trumpet Blare

Every year I always take a two week family break towards the end of May. I do believe family is important, and even moreso when you're at the helm of a growing business. It's all too easy to get wrapped up in days that are as long as 21 hours straight. Okay... those kinds of days for me only happen when I'm balancing things that are exciting to say the least. And only then when I need to keep on track as big projects approach completion date. If you're following on Facebook you will have noticed that Sunday was one of those 21 straight hour days for me. Believe me when I say that I truly enjoyed every minute of my sleep last night!

As is the norm here, I will be combining my usual May family time with work behind the scenes. This year though, I'm having to bring my break forward. I have a completion date approaching for a major Manor Hall project we began while the workshop was being renovated over the Christmas family break. There have been three target dates to this project so far and we've hit every one of them on time.

The next target date was set to coincide with the scheduled family break in late May, after which would come the completion of the project that I so want to shout out loud. With every intention in the world, I was set to take my family time from May 20th for the usual two weeks. But this project is too big to get behind on, so I'm having to bring my break forward if I want to be able to enjoy that time.

I was planning on making the coming weekend a four day weekend because of the royal wedding, which I just have to watch on telly. I haven't been invited, but I'm not offended. It makes sense to me that if I'm gonna be bringing my break forward, I might as well incorporate the days that were gonna see the office closed anyway. So, from Thursday 28th at 5.00pm, I will be closing the office for family break and re-opening on Monday May 16th.

I will of course still be here behind the scenes and you can keep up with what's happening on the blog, on Twitter and on the Facebook page. Orders placed before the office closes will of course be packed and shipped without a problem.

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