Monday, April 4, 2011

Over the Moon

I'll be wrapping more soap bars later today. I like to have them ready to hand when they're needed. It makes for an easier life when packing the order boxes. But secretly, I love to dress the little blocks and have them take pride of place on the stock shelves. It's a bit like being a child again, having the Barbie dolls all around me while I choose which outfit is gonna go on first.

Today's outfit is Ruby Moon. She's bewitchingly aromatic, and her swirls betray the smokiness of her allure. The essential oil blend is a haunting cedarwood, with a sensual soothe of Ylang Ylang. A little calming lavender plays chaperone while the real rose infusion drifts on the wind of Ruby's seduction.

I always hesitate to cut the logs of Ruby Moon. I want to see what lies within, and yet I want to hold onto this moment forever. Once the logs are cut, the swirls are revealed... the scent is truly released... and the wait for full cure begins.

The thin wires of the cutter always make a twang when they reach the end of their cut. I love the sound and it's always a good feeling. Somehow, the twang from the Ruby Moon soap is different. It seems to hang about in the air a little longer, resonating in a gentle hum... almost like the sweetest guitar pluck ever. As it fades, I so want to hear it again.

The last of the logs, sitting silent on the cutter as the hum fades to become another memory of a successful Ruby Moon batch. This is the moment of linger... hestitant to remove it and break apart the bars, I usually take a short walk around the workshop marvelling at the bounty I've already lined up.

A nice thick strip leftover from the logging. I get one in every batch of soap I make, to be enjoyed as samplers or Mischief Makers.

The bewitching bounty. Ruby Moon... a seductive slice of haunting allure. In stock now, and all dressed for the temptress in you.

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