Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Music To Soap By - The Supremes

It's happening. It's been gathering speed all week long, and it's happening. What's happening? The Happening, that's what's happening.

William and Kate!!! The happening couple. And I am so happening with it.

Okay, hands up... full admission here from yours truly. I am a soft mush at heart. I am so feeding into this wedding it's unreal. I'm having one long snackie party come Thursday night that's gonna stretch right through till late Friday night at least!

I did invite The Barbara, but she isn't getting here til Saturday. 'Course, I know she really loves her sleep too much. She's not fooling me with her "Oh, I can't make it I have commitments on Thursday and Friday." It's not washing with me. Lemme tell you... she ain't no 5.00am in the morning person that one isn't. Yah boo!

So, with Jason being cut from the same cloth as his mom, I'm gonna camp out in front of the telly alone with an assortment of English triangle butties filled with ham, eggs, tuna, roast beef and much much more. English scones with strawberry jam and Kerrygold butter, too many Cadbury chocolate bars to count, and an absolute mound of cream cakes. That's "fresh cream" cakes, and not the adulterated variety with sugar, or confectioners powder, or any other kind of whipped cream. Nope... fresh cream, whipped stiff the way we have it in England. And it's gonna feel great with a non stop supply of my fave staple drink... Tetley tea, milk, with no sugar please!

So, raise your glasses to the royal couple with me. On loop all through this evening while I'm packing the order boxes is this one, and I dedicate it to William and Kate. May they both enjoy many happening years together. And although the lyrics may make it seem a strange song to dedicate to the Royal couple, you know what? They split... and they just couldn't say goodbye to what they had found together. It happened... get over it media. What they've got is working for them. Roll on 4.00am Friday morning. Roll on The Happening!

I'm fancy footworking it all across the packing room floor to the loop. Wherever you are, whatever your happening is... let your hair loose some and yell out the whole nine yards with me.

The Supremes, 1967 - The Happening

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