Friday, November 5, 2010

I Have a Dream...

From being a kid, I've been a swimmer. I love the water. I swear I was a dolphin in a previous life.

The one thing I've always wanted to do is swim with dolphins. Another one is to own a wetsuit. And wait for it... can you believe that in ten years of being stateside, I've never been in American waters. Riding a horse in West Virginia with a cowboy hat on is another thing I have to do. Don't ask... I was brought up on cowboy films. I always wanted to be the hottest dead-eyed cowgirl ever. I have to go to Savannah... and I have to go to Charleston. I have to wear Scarlett's green drapes dress, and sashay across some dusty ground somewhere.

Oh... the list is endless. There are so many dreams I've held all these years. In August, I checked one of my dreams off the list. I bought the wetsuit. I also treated myself to a body board. Narragansett, Rhode Island, we headed for. Me and Jason, camera in tow. I couldn't have asked for better. It was a beautiful, warm summer evening. And I got to go into the water with my wetsuit and bodyboard, as day turned nearly into night. It was exhilarating. It was a dream come true.

I've been wanting to post the photos on the blog ever since, but have never gotten round to it. So, without further ado, here's me, and one dream checked off the list...

There's people on the beach, but as far as I'm concerned there's only me and my dream.

At this point, I really can't believe it's happening. Like I know I'm there, but it's still a bit unreal.

This is my spot. Just me and the water. It feels absolutely fantastic. And let me tell you, a wetsuit might keep the water out a bit, but you still get to feel the cold.

You know what? The American sea does not taste like the English sea. The sea in England is salty beyond belief. This was so lacking in salt, it tasted like freshwater to me.

Like, OMG... what a feeling of triumph. It's been many years in the waiting. Seriously, what an absolutely incredible feeling!

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