Monday, November 8, 2010

The Barbara

Superwoman has arrived!

She's sleeping now, but when she wakes I am so in for a workout like you wouldn't believe. The woman is like a whirlwind. Nothing stands in her path. She's like the dreaded time and motion man. No sooner have you got one thing done, then she's off seeking out the next task. She's relentless, like some superhero with laser sharp eyes that home in on work to be done. I am aching all over just thinking about it.

She's here for ten days.

She cleans. She tidies. She dusts. She sweeps. She vacuums. She clears out cupboards. She checks the dates on everything inside the fridge. She fluffs cushions. She picks up shoes. She does laundry. And that's only what she does when we get back into the house after a full day in the workshop!

All day long she makes my cups of tea. She makes sure I eat. She sterilizes my bottles and jars. She carries boxes of soap. She preps the work stations. She organizes the labels. She does the wash up. She wipes the soap bars. She puts things away. And just when you think you've finished and it's break time... she says, "Okay... what's next?", and she's off out of the trap like a greyhound.

I am exhausted before the day has begun.

But there's more to this darling wonderwoman. She's a rock. She's a heart of gold. She's a giggle machine. She's a steadier. She's an optimist. She's seen it all. She's never fazed. She's a hug when I'm over-whelmed. She's a reminder when I forget. She's a light on darker days.

She's a rare gem.

She's the Barbara. And she's the best mother-in-law evah!

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