Friday, September 3, 2010

Sweet September

With the scorching summer sun getting set to yield to the cool of fall, there's no time like the present to give your skin a treat. Small wonder then that this is the month we nationally celebrate honey. Cleopatra had it right. Fill a bath with milk and honey, and sit in it while the world goes by. Skin needs to be kept hydrated in order to remain soft, supple and elastic. Age, life's stresses, and everyday pollution really stretch our skin to the limit and affect its ability to stay moist. Skin becomes dry, cracked, and yes… those dreaded wrinkles appear.

Honey attracts and holds on to moisture, making it a natural humectant. Honey is also good for sensitive skin. But, the benefits of honey for beauty don't stop there. Studies show that honey has good antioxidant properties. Antioxidants not only play a part in protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, but are also rather handy when it comes to skin rejuvenation and the restoration of. Its antimicrobial talents make it good for skin break-outs without drying the skin like most acne lotions, zit creams and wishy washes.

So, celebrate September with a jar of honey, and your skin. Spread it on your face, spoon some in the bath, and even mix with olive oil to condition your hair. Honey, you know you're worth it...

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