Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Soft Skin

First thing this morning, I was up and about in the workshop busying with lotion sticks. I love making these lotions-to go, and in the peace of 6.00am with a wet morning mist hugging the grass and floating the trunks of the pines, it's a tranquil and heavenly start to the day.

My lotion sticks are a lovely moisturizing blend of natural oils that I formulated way back, using the wonderful qualities of organic shea butter, calendula infused organic sunflower oil, and organic jojoba oil. I also incorporated jojoba and aloe butters to help the smooth and soothe glide nicely over the body. It's a recipe I spent a lot of time and patience with. It's one that has stood the test of time, and it doesn't disappoint.

Whether you use it to soften yourself after a shower, after a pedicure, or after a day out of doors, it's an absolute skin loving treat for your skin. This month, the Lavender and Vanilla solid lotion stick can be yours for free, along with two other full size order box freebies that are great for thirsty summer skin. All made by me, here at The Manor. Enjoy!

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