Monday, June 21, 2010

A Lady's Summer

Well, that was a fast week.

Today is the first day of Summer. It was a hot one too, here in Massachusetts. I was wiping soap bars for most of the day, but this afternoon I did manage to get into the garden and do a spot of weeding. Well, it started as a spot and just sort of grew from there. Then I felt the heat... and that was that, really.

I've soap bars to wrap in the morning. I've looked at the weather and there's no rain. I dare say I'll be tempted to get in the garden again in the late afternoon, but I have a feeling it's going to be sweltering like today. I do like gardening. It's just not suited to the kind of heat American summers are known for.

I wonder if I took an umbrella with me tomorrow, it might give me some shade. I'm sure that's what the English ladies used to do. Didn't they used to use parasols to keep themselves shaded? Yes, I think they did. Mind you, they also used to wear those whalebone corset things. You know the ones I mean. Where someone had to put a foot in your back to draw all the laces tight.

Now, I don't mind putting up an umbrella, but I'm sure drawing the line at one of those bustier things.

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