Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Music To Soap By - Slade

I've had help this last few weeks. From all over the place, too. Relatives, friends, neighbors, my doctor, and even some nice cards from a few customers who know me and Jason. Whether it's been with the soapy stuff, out in the garden, or just out and about shopping unable to find the right size in something I dearly wanted for myself. I've had help.

I'm a proud person. But I don't think I'm alone. Certainly not back in England, I'm not. It's the English way, you see. Stiff upper lip and all that. But sometimes, accepting help comes with a good feeling. That's the way it's been this last few weeks for me, anyway.

So, taking the rough with the smooth with this frozen soaping shoulder of mine, I'm in the workshop playing the music nice and loud today. This particular song, though a regular to my ears on a normal week, has been meaning such a lot to me these days. To everyone, everywhere... whatever the help you might need, may you accept it warmly and feel good about it. And if you're not in need of help, then why not take a look around you for someone who just may need some. It's amazing the difference a small thing makes to someone who feels a little overwhelmed by those life event flurries that all too often all come at once.

Enjoy today's music to soap by, and just make sure to check your volume if you're in work.

Slade, 1983 - My Oh My

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