Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tapping and Wrapping

Tap, tap, tap. Wrap, wrap, wrap. That's been the sound in my ears all day long. Tap, tap, tap. Wrap, wrap, wrap.

The website is steadily being uploaded to the server. And while techy husband guy has been tapping away at the keyboard, I've been in the workshop wrapping away at the soap bars. Tap, tap, tap. Wrap, wrap, wrap.

Yes, everything here is done in small batches. It's done by hand, beginning to end. Whether it's a bottle of olive oil I'm cracking open, or whether it's the web site that's cracking up. Yes, I'm behind it all. It's Sunday, I'm working, and the photographs above are just a fraction of what's been put into today. More new soaps taken from the curing shelves, and wrapped, ready for sale.

I'm still wrapping. Techy husband guy's still tapping. We're headed into Sunday evening, and all is looking good for a May 5th re-opening.

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