Friday, January 11, 2008

Havin' a Blast

I love the change of the seasons as the year moves along. January's barely got underway and I'm already playing with the new scents for Spring. While that's exciting as the blends meld in their bottles, the staples still have to be made. Customers have their favorite soap bars... the best sellers like Ooh La Lavender and Oatmeal, Honey Me Smooth, Almost Sunset and the one I've been making today, Orange Tree Blast.

The three soaps that are the Shower Power Trio were made with showers in mind. I think most of us experience the same, first thing in the morning. It's like, alarm clock... oh no hit the snooze... alarm clock again... oh do I really wanna get up? I've always loved showers. It's the early morning journey between the bed and the shower jets that gets to me. That bleary eyed time where you know you've got to be awake, but you're just not ready for it yet.

Essential oils are great for hitching a ride on steam. Citrus oils are great for awakening the senses - not to mention deodorizing. With that in mind, the Shower Power Trio were born. Mind blowing bars, speckled throughout with poppy seeds. Just right for gentle exfoliating. A little scrubby, but without the sandpaper effect. There's a flavor for every morning mood. Lemon Poppo screams with mint. Lime 'N Thyme yells eucalyptus. And the Orange Blast bar shouts tea tree.

And with all that going on, it's easy to forget the rich olive oil and the other skin kissing ingredients that make these bars possible. That is, until you step out of the shower...

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