Friday, March 20, 2015

Music To Soap By - Fun

It's been a hard winter here at The Manor.

Ohhhh, let me just wallow in a bit of self pity as I write that again. It's been a hard winter here at The Manor.

The winter storms here in the NorthEast have been relentless, and try as I may... I had to cave into it. I tried, I really tried to stay on top of things. In the end, I closed the office for a couple of weeks while I waited for the delivery times to be more predictable and also tend to the mounding snow from the skies and the plows.

My usual post-Holiday supply purchasing of bottles and jars, soaping oils and ingredients, and many other assorted shipments that my little soap business needs to keep it ticking over had to be postponed. Deliveries just couldn't be relied on as many states were having their own weather dilemmas, and my Manor Hall order boxes couldn't be left for mail collection. Manor Mania couldn't go ahead as it usually does each February. Curing times of soap were seriously messed with, and some soapmaking just couldn't get done.

It's the first day of Spring today. Manor Mania is on, and the orders have been pouring in. I'm still waiting for a few supply deliveries, as well as being behind on curing times. I've lost the whole of this morning to the water men, who have been here to do their repairs. Like... after all my years on earth I know this time will pass. Right now though... I just wanna keep my head in my hands for a few. But you can't, can you? You can't run a business and keep your head in your hands. You really do have to suck it up and carry on. And that's what I'm doing just as soon as the last drop of this cup of tea has hit the back of my throat.

On loop and blaring out of the workshop today is this one. It's a slow starter, but it builds into a great chant and will keep me going as I work late tonight and on through the whole weekend. The work men are gone, and the workshop door is finally open again. Sing it with me now... "If you're lost and alone, Or you're sinking like a stone... Carry on."

Fun, 2012 - Carry On

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