Saturday, August 31, 2013

Photo Journal - August

Can you believe September is tomorrow? August has been another great soapmaking month, with more new soaps taking their place in the curing room. July's new soaps hit the website during August, and it was also the month of Manor Mania, where the Manor Maniacs got to go manic for their faves at silly prices. Here's some of my August in pics.

I love the color that honey lends to soap. Here's a tray of goatmilk with oatmeal and honey bars, ready for the curing shelves.

An afternoon's bounty. I'm was so looking forward to waking up the next morning and turning them out of their moulds. Some batches were brand new soaps, and I couldn't wait to see inside them.

A line up of the soap logs from the four afternoon batches, all waiting to be cut into bars.

A bevy of bars, hanging around the green room waiting to take their place in front of the camera. It was a Happy Monday Morning, from each and every star-studded one of them.

Into the pot goes... lavender essential oil. I like to add most of my ingredients when the soap batter is at trace. "Trace" is the stage when the oils and lye water have married and is evident by the "trace" that the batter leaves on the sides of the pan.

All sliced up and ready for the curing shelves. 2oz bars front left. Sample bars just beyond them. And 4oz bars to the right. The foreground batch is scented with essential oils of Spearmint and Pink Grapefruit, with added Babassu Oil for that extra moisturizing touch.

Soap bars waiting to board the 6.00am wrapping train to Stock Shelf Station. Passing through Clean Off Junction, WrapFest Bridge, Label Crossing, and arriving at the final destination of Stock Shelf Station sometime late afternoon.

Another bounty of logs, running clockwise from top: Lime n Thyme O'lyptus, Rainy Day Sunrise, Goatmilk, Goatmilk Oatmeal with Honey. Is it September yet?


cHim-prints said...

Such a colorful photo journal. I can only imagine how wonderful it must smell in your work room.

Andee @ said...

Wow! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall just to watch how busy your workshop was! You were a busy soaper!

Susan Mann said...

Hiya, cHim-prints. I never have to buy air fresheners, that's for sure! :)

Susan Mann said...

Hello, Andee! Yes... the end of July starts the crazy run up to the holidays. Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Thank you so much for stopping by.