Friday, February 8, 2013

NorEaster Weekend

This was snow in the driveway two years ago, February 2011. The snowbank wasn't from just the one storm though. There'd been a few over that winter. The February one was a particularly large one though, and saw the last of our shed as the roof caved in under the weight.

There's a huge NorEaster coming in today. It won't be leaving us until late tomorrow. They're reckoning on up to 36 inches on the higher elevations over Boston way. We won't get such an amount here in Springfield, but I've been hearing as much as eighteen inches.

That's a lot of snow. The shovels are to the ready. I'll be posting how much we get. Fingers crossed we keep our power. It's gonna get real blustery tonight. And thundery. With lightning too. And... did I mention snow?

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cHim-prints said...

I hope you DON'T get the 36". Wishing you well during this event.