Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dave is Back!

Only the other day I wondering whether I should be grieving for Dave. Last I saw of him was spring 2012, when he was cavorting daily with Blondie across the back garden. They ran off together one day, and although I saw Blondie a few times after that, I never saw Dave at all.

Dave is a black squirrel, with a beautiful shiny coat. Blondie is a grey one, with a ginger blonde tail. They made a great couple, and although I feared the worst may have happened to Dave I told myself all through the winter that he'd gone to live in another tree far far away.

This morning, 9.30am, and Dave is back. I was feeding the birds, and he came bounding across the cold and stark winter's greenery, making a bee line for our garden. Up and over... bound after bound after bound. I think he was on a mission. I stood absolutely still, and after running up and down a few of the pine trees, he sat for a while on his fave broken limb and looked down at me. "Hello Dave," I said to him. "It's good to see you again." He waved his tail a couple of times, brushed his little paw across the back of his ear... and I came indoors leaving him to it..

Dave's back. I never thought I'd see him again. Fingers crossed he graces me with some new pics.

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