Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Small Act, Big Feeling

Yesterday morning, I took a box of soaps downtown to help with the tornado relief in Springfield. Many thanks to WWLP and Sy Becker for highlighting me in the brief video above (click to watch!), and how we can all help those in the Springfield and surrounding areas who are in need right now.

Also, deep gratitude to those in the community who are working tirelessly to help, including St. Francis Chapel on Bridge Street in Springfield. This was just my small part.


Subha Ps Rayan said...

Good Job Susan,it would be great to refreshen after all the mess with the tornado. You did the right thing.

Subha Dharan

Alegria MediterrĂ¡neo Soap said...

How nice of you !
Have a beautiful and bless Day !

Soapchick said...

What a great thing to do, you have inspired me to find out if there are any groups collecting here in the UK. Thanks!

Donna Maria @ Indie Business said...

So generous of you, and such an inspiration. And you look and sound fabulous on camera too!

Naturally Good Soaps said...

Wonderful to see Susan! What can I do to help?

BrooklynBath said...

That's awesome Susan!

Would you be able to tell me where I can donate? My in-laws are from Springfield also and I wanted to help their community.

Manor Hall said...

Subha: Thank you. We take so much for granted. Being able to wash is something we don't think about.

Caludia: Blessings mean so much. Thank you!

Soapchick: It's nice to think I've inspired at a time like this. I hope you find one. Thank you!

Manor Hall said...

Donna Maria: I enjoyed wrapping each and every one of those bars. It wasn't much, and felt so good to be doing something.

NGS and BrooklynBath: There is a page out there with a list of many different ways to help. I will find the link and tag on here. Thank you!

La Shonda Tyree said...

When you are giving to others it is no small act....I am glad you were able to help those in Springfield with the basics we take for granted be able to bath with soap....Blessings!

La Shonda