Friday, May 13, 2011

Gathering Speed

The new Art House style soap making is really underway, and they'll be appearing on the website as each classic style flavor is sold out. The new soaps weigh more at 5 ounces each. They're noticeably chunkier and feel absolutely great sitting in the hand. I've been able to buy my ingredients in larger quantities, and this has meant that I can pass the savings on to you. The cost per ounce will drop from $1.46 per ounce, down to $1.27. I feel really good about being able to do that.

I've always been one to lead, and this means moving with the times... or even keeping ahead of them. The big project that's been happening here behind the scenes all year is really gathering speed now. Like many projects, there are phases to implement as it all gets brought together in one conclusion. Back in February when we opened the new workshop, a phase of the project got underway. I reformulated a few products from my product line. Packaging styles come and go, ingredients increase in price due to natural disasters, and new ingredients become more desired as suppliers bring the latest and greatest to market. I'm thrilled with the new formulas, and also the new packaging and label design that will be accompanying their launch.

The first of the new formulations to make their debut on the website will be liquid soap and shampoo. For now, they are all marked out of stock and their pages are being prepared for their launch. More news on this will follow later in the month as production of them nears completion.

Brand new products have also been decided on, and these are in production too as we get set to make the summer one to remember.

Sadly, a few products will be making their goodbyes. This has been the hardest of all the decision making for me. I can't possibly keep my blooms in continual growth without pruning a little. One of the first to go will be the SinkSiders foaming hand soap. It's been a tough decision, but the bottles that were once affordable, no longer are. At 16 ounces, these bottles are also huge and with subsidizing shipping the way that I do, I take a serious hit on costs. I'm looking for a smaller 8 ounce bottle in the hope of bringing them back one day. But for now, they are making their goodbye as soon as they are sold out.

This is an exciting time for me right now. I'm enjoying the tease as I make my announcements. Over the course of the next four weeks I'll be making other announcements... and then I get to unveil the biggie with everyone. I don't know how I'm gonna stay quiet for so long!


Soapchick said...

Oh It is so good to make new announcements about new products...... I just had such a good day today with my new cupcake soaps and my new bath stuff, it makes it all worth while. we spend so much time thinking, planning, making in order to do new things and when they go well, its so good - lets just shout about it!! Well done, fab blog, really inspiring XX

Manor Hall said...

Hiya, Soapchick. Great to see you!

Yes, it feels absolutely great to be making announcements. I've a crazy 6 weeks ahead as we bring this major project together. There's that many things to tell folk, the blog posting is gonna be like Piccadilly Station by the time I get to make the big reveal.

Love your melts... and the bath stuff too. Devon is beautiful, and it would seem it certainly inspires you.

All the best of the best for your own new products. Enjoy the excitement. It's a wonderful feeling!