Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The New Workshop

I've been in the new workshop now for six weeks, and it's great. It feels like a completely different place. Really... it's like I'm somewhere else. I thought I'd share some long overdue pics with you of how it looked the day I was moving in.

The work area. I spend most of my time here. Running the length of the wall on the left is a long countertop. I wasn't too sure whether to have the whole wall kitted out in a full top to bottom cabinet of shelving, and decided that perhaps a work surface might be a better option.

Under the counter top are deep pocket shelves, and it's here that I store most of my ingredients in the aqua topped tubs. Grains, salts, sugars, carrier oils, butters, spices, herbs, florals... you name it. If I use it, it's found here.

In the center, is the workbench. The photo doesn't really do justice to the overall size of it. To give you some idea of perspective, the white pail sitting between the countertop and the workbench is a five gallon one. Underneath the workbench is storage like you wouldn't believe. I keep all my soaping tools here, as well as my soaping pails.

The door is a utility closet. I love this! It's a deep space, and holds many things that I need for different tasks, but not tasks that I do every day. At the side of the door on the right of the photo you can just about make out a darker line going down the picture. That's the curing shelves alcove. I thought I had photos of it, but I haven't. I'm thinking I must have decided to wait until they were full.

This is my scent blending station. It's got an incredibly long work surface, and it's absolute heaven for me. The cabinet is a big one and the bottles look so small against it, but that's the perspective of the long shot. To give you some idea, the bottles on the bottom shelf are 8oz, 1lb and 2lb sizes.

The wash-up area. The original intention for here was for it to be my formulary. But once the long counter top was put into the work area, it was a no-brainer. Having my formulary stand back to back with my workbench is so much more efficient. So, this has remained solely the wash-up.

This is my computer station. The pockets on the wall have been fantastic, and have kept the countertops clear of folders, paperwork, and mess. I've since added hooks along the bottom, and the order box invoices and worksheets hang there now.
So, there you have it. My brand spanking new workshop. I have to say, I think I did rather well with the reno considering the many nightmare stories you hear about contractors. It didn't give me too many headaches, and the guys were an absolute dream to be working with.

I will be posting current photos soon so you can see how it looks now that I've really settled in. Meanwhile, I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into my world.


cHim-prints said...

It looks like a great space for doing all of your soaping, scenting .... and singing! Thanks for the tour, it's beautiful. Congrats!

Manor Hall said...

Thanks, cHim-prints. The floor has been great for footwork sound. With The Barbara in there too, we get a good toe tapping beat going!