Saturday, February 13, 2010

Body Lotion - Bounce Back

With an uplifting aromatherapy mood-boosting blend of cedarwood and pink grapefruit essential oils, it's bounce back time, and much needed spark is a pick-me-up at the end of your downtrodden day.

This wonderful creamy rich body lotion is formulated with moisturizing oils of organic coconut and jojoba, blended with soothing organic aloe, and enriched with organic extracts of oat and white tea. It is a decadent luxury for your skin. Scented with a balanced synergy blend of pure cedarwood and pink grapefruit essential oils, and awakened with phthalate-free fragrance, this nourishing and hydrating body lotion is like no other.

pink grapefruit essential oil: mood brightener, uplifting, revives spirit
organic aloe juice: calming and soothing on the skin
jojoba oil: hypoallergenic and skin softening
oat extract: helps with moisture loss and the integrity of the skin's barrier
white tea extract: rich in polyphenols, anti aging help for skin

How to use: Moisturizing your skin is important whatever your skin type. Use after bath or shower, while skin is still damp. Use gentle massaging movements, paying particular attention to the areas of your body that may be more prone to dryness than others.

87% organic content. Paraben free and phthalate free. Use coupon PRESIDENT20 at checkout and save 20% on this and the rest of your order. Through Monday night at midnight!

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