Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cinderella of a Fella

Look across any field of lavender when it's in bloom and you'll see a lovely purple haze of color. It yields a purple grey color when the buds are dried. Mill it to a grind though, and the purple vanishes completely, leaving a grey-green powder.

In natural soap, real lavender doesn't produce a purple bar. The essential oil distilled from its buds, though very fragrant, is clear. The fine powder from milling the buds, starts off grey-green, and turns the soap a natural grey. It's a nice natural grey... but grey nonetheless. Not exactly an appetizing image of the lovely fields of lavender.

My bar of Lavenders Wild has always been grey. It's bursting with lavender essential oil, and double dosed with finely ground buds. It's a shame that such a wonderful soap looks so dismal when set against the bright and colorful beginnings of its essential ingredient.

Today, I kicked up my Lavenders Wild natural soap bar. No longer will it sit like poor cinderella on the curing shelves. I've swirled the ground buds through the natural white of the soap. Then I swirled the deep brown of rich black walnut powder through both.

Lavender's really gone wild here at the Manor. On the curing shelves now, and looking like it's going to the ball.

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cHim-prints said...

Have always loved the lavendar soap. Can't wait to get the new look!