Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So Long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen. Goodbye.

I love it when the planet Mercury starts to move again. He's been retro for the last few weeks. That means, he's going backwards. But he isn't really... it's just an illusion. He only "looks" like he's moving backwards. Nevertheless, this planet of "am I really moving or not", brings folk to complain about things breaking down, computers losing information, and telephone calls not being returned. You name it, a retro Mercury meddles in it.

But today... he is on the move. Finally. He is traveling again. And I knew it the moment I opened my email box for the day. In flies shipping notices from suppliers which should have been here days back. In flies an interview, and a couple of other invites that I had long forgotten about. And in flies nice cheery mails, from folk who have received their order boxes.

You're not supposed to sign anything that you can avoid signing under a retro Mercury. And any deals you make under this influence will possibly end up having to be renegotiated again later. But, you can plan under Mercury. And you can also revisit the past. You can look over old ideas, which for whatever reason never came into being the first time around.

I've always been one for the planets... but not in any silly way. You have to go out there and get life. You can't sit and wait for it to come your way. The planet Mercury always piques my interest whenever he goes retrograde. For me, this last ten days have been impossible at times, where chaos seemed to be the order of the day. Mails headed to and from me went astray. Messages which should be loud and clear on my voicemail were fuzzy and fogged. And... one or two folk ordering soaps from the Manor clicked on the "payment by check" button by mistake when they meant to pay by credit card.

Whatever Mercury's mischief was, it's coming to a close now as he goes "direct". Yes... an old idea from way back jumped out of my workshop to say hello. Yes... we held our big summer sale despite a few techy glitches. And yes... to the many who take the time to write and remind me of just why I stay up some nights till turned midnight packing order boxes. Mercury's on the move, and so this email brought more than just a thankyou when it came in today. It brought a nice nod and a wink from the planet of (mis) communication as he fires up his Mercuric might once again and makes for a move across the skies:

Just received my order! I appreciate your prompt service!! I LOVE opening your boxes!!! It's like opening a Christmas present!!!!!! Am looking forward to trying all my new fragrances!!
Thank you. Nancy T.

Til next time, Mercury. Til next time...

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