Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How Time Flies

This was my mum, 7.00am yesterday morning, at the start of her long 2 day trek from Wales, UK, to us here in Massachusetts. She's in her seventies, has never flown before in her life, and is traveling all by herself. What an incredible role model.

This is mum on the coach, saying goodbye to her part of the world. It'll be a few weeks before she'll see Wales again. My brother and his family saw her off. It's great to see her looking so excited.
And so the trip began. My daughters, Gayle and Shez, kept in touch with their techy savvy Nan as she traveled, and by the end of yesterday she was in London.

It's air day today, and she's on the plane as I type. We're gonna be spending a great few weeks, catching up on the last decade of stuff each of us never ever thought we'd do together. She's gonna see places she's only ever seen in films. I'm gonna see my mum. It hasn't hit me yet. It'll probably all catch up to me the moment I see her walking through the gate at the airport terminal later today. I'm stoked!


Jennifer Young said...

I completely share your excitement.. as my mum is on a plane right now coming the opposite way! Unbelievable no? She is coming to Spain from Toronto and I CAN'T WAIT. I am so excited. We are also going to do a bit of travelling while she is here... we are going to Barcelona! My first time. Anyway, what a strange coincidence. xo Jen

Donna Maria @ Indie Business said...

Oh Susan! This is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing your mum with us. You must be so excited, and what fun she will have seeing your soap business and how it has grown. I wish you all the fun in the world, and then some. Have a super time!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog Susan, so good to hear about your mum, mine is the same 75 and still walking her mad GSP puppy, gardening, driving her camper (alone apart from the dog) to far flung places, this summer its 3 months in Italy, then Sardinia. She is amazing too. Have a wonderful time with yours, enjoy every moment!!