Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Bit Of Raw Video

You'd think having a techy guru like I have in Jason, that we'd have a state of the art video camera. We don't. Jason's a still-shot kinda guy.

On a "Snowflake" photo shoot in the workshop a few weeks ago, Jason switched his Nikon over to movie mode. He was experimenting to see what it did, and gave me no cue at all other than: "I wonder what it'd be like if I switched to video. Hmm...okay, we're live".

The first minute of film was me asking him what was he talking about, and then a short back and forth happened between us about testing sound and focus etc. While the movie mode continued its few minutes run, I picked up a log of the Snowflake soap Jason had just been photographing and started talking. Surprisingly, when we played back the three or so minutes of film, we found a half decent minute's worth of raw video worth sharing.

The movie mode on the Nikon only runs for a few minutes, but it's shown us that it's long enough to give a proper glimpse of life behind the scenes. There's the camera placement to sort out and some restrictions on focus that will need to be respected, but with a bit of understanding of what our limitations are, I can see me doing more of this kinda thing.

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