Monday, November 7, 2011

Lost Week Of Snowmageddon

Well, that was certainly the week that was! It's just like a lost week.

Friday the 28th came and went as normal. Saturday was productive, and we left late afternoon to attend a neighbor's Halloween get-together. We walked over the threshold to an eerie "Hah Hah Ha!" coming through speakers as the front door was opened, and less than five minutes later it was absolute Bedlam outside with tree limbs crashing around, falling on cars, garages, rooftops and power lines to boot. To add to all this craziness was the thick falling snow, set against a pretty backdrop of gold and reds of the Autumn leaves - still on the trees.

Snowmageddon. Complete power out for six full days and nights. No electricity, heating or phones. National Guard called in, and power workers from states far and wide traveling in convoy to help put things right. Incredible. Absolutely unreal!

And so here I am, where I was expecting to be a week ago... only it isn't Monday October 31st. It's Monday November 7th, and it's like we just skipped a week. Puff. Gone. Just like that! The website changeover is waiting in the wings. New Holiday products are waiting to go live on the website. Oils weighed out in the pans waiting to soap, and shea butter whip about to be whipped.

I'm pleased to say that all orders held up because of the Lost Week of Snowmageddon are packed and ready to ship. Yay! Tracking numbers will be sent out this evening. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding. Normal service has now resumed!


Donna Maria @ Indie Business said...

Good to know that you are well, Susan, and ready to return to life as usual. Here's to hoping you put a bit of offline down time to good use relaxing and doing other things you enjoy. Missed you!

Ginger @ Neos Creations said...

Oh girl! How I've missed you! Things just weren't the same without and I'm thrilled to know y'all are ok, no worse for the wear and back in full stride again. With the power outage and the cold, expect a baby boom in our area in about 9 months. It always happens! Might be a good time to branch out into baby products, huh?

Susan Mann said...

Thank you, dM. I missed my usual on-line routine terribly. It was a weird week, that's for sure. It was also the ideal opportunity to clear out every single cupboard and drawer around the place. Oddly enough, I did find the TidyFest quite relaxing. :)

Susan Mann said...

Hiya, Ginger. Oh, my word... you're right. I never considered a baby boom!