Thursday, October 6, 2011

Onward My Chariot

My chariot is arriving on Tuesday. It will carry me through the ten days that follow as I move into a time of better production, ahead of more growth.

A time when more music will blare out of the workshop. A time when my home will be tidier than the MerryMaids could ever shine on it. A time when my legs will ache from silly dancing. A time when I will feel tired but absolutely fantastic.

Roll on Tuesday the 11th. That's when The Barbara arrives. She is one helluva chariot, and her wheels spin so fast they don't touch the ground!


Soapchick said...

Oh how I wish I had an Oh Barbera coming to help me with making, dancing and music!! I really envy you, I suppose I will just carry on burning the midnight oil and melting my soap oils :-(

Susan Mann said...

Hiya, Soapchick! What's in your pan today?

I love being able to call on help from The Barbara. She drives through four states to get here. I so wish she was just round the corner. I have her for ten days though. Believe me, I shall be making the most of it!