Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bouncing Back In Pink And Black

Being a soap maker means I don't get to have a wardrobe of posh frocks to parade around the workshop in... but that doesn't mean I can't have great clothes to choose from when starting my day. I'm a Reebok girl, and have been for a number of decades. My working week sees me sporting either pink and black, or grey and aqua. Colors can do an awful lot to the mood of the mind, and I wear my working day colors according to how I think I'm gonna need to be feeling for the day ahead.

It's a pink and black day today. Pink and black gives me a determination that I don't get to feel when I'm in grey and aqua. Same clothes stitch for stitch, but yet change the color scheme and my head just doesn't seem to yield the same focus throughout the day. If I'm in a business call, you can bet I'm wearing pink and black. If I'm spinning plates, you can bank on the same. If I have a mountain to climb, then it's pink and black all the way to the summit. Needless to say, I'm in another nineteen hour day today.

The mood-fueling color doesn't stop at my work clothes though. I have a color that begins in my morning shower. Way back in the early days of Manor Hall I created an essential oil blend specifically designed to bring instant oomph on those days when the only letters my body could assemble spelled out a weak "phhtt". I'm as human as you are, and although I love my work and my business I do get days where I just feel blah.

The mood boosting energy essential oil blend of cedarwood, pink grapefruit, lavender and patchouli has stayed with me and Manor Hall all these years. You'll find it in the Take Five Collection under the scent of "Bounce Back". Yes... this guy is pink for a reason, and I always reach for it whenever I want to go from the slump of "blah" to a rally crying "Rah Rah Rah!"

Today I'm dressed in pink and black, and head to toe in full Bounce Back. What color does it for you?


Soapchick said...

I love those shoes, they are so great. I always love Reeboks too. the colour that does it for me it red! definitely, every time. not great for soapmaking but red it is.

Katie said...

Wow, I LOVE color, but I never really thought about how my color choices affected my mood throughout the day! I need to pay more attention!

Anne-Marie said...

I just love a boost of aromatherapy in the morning, especially a citrus and patchouli blend like you described. So refreshing! =)